Even the weigh-in sheets were soaked!

Continual rain and plenty of mud, didn’t dampen the spirts of the anglers taking part in Sunday’s match on Lake 6 at Orchard Farm, Paddock Wood, nor did it stop the f1’s, carp and skimmers from feeding, with the top 6 weights all over the magical 100lb mark.

Leading the pack with a fantastic final weight of 194lb 7oz was Pip Knight, who is no stanger to success on Lake 6, having won a match here with well over 200lb several years ago. Pip, drawn half way down the right hand side of the spit, caught steadily all day fishing shallow, while feeding pellets, with maggots on the hook.

Next to the winner was Martin ‘The Paste’ Smithers who, after a slow start to his match, went up a gear and found the fish willing to feed against the near-side cover. Martin endied the day with 167lb 5oz for 2 nd, caught not on his trusty paste this time, but on meat.

Drawn on the end corner of the spit and finishing 3 rd on the day with 156lb 4oz, was Terry Macdonald. Terry, after a brief fruitless spell on the feeder, swapped to fishing pellets short and immediately started to catch well, moving later on in the match to fishing meat down the edge where he continued to build on his final weight.

Andy ‘IT’ Stevenson, also drawn next to the winner, finished 4th with 129lb 12oz, catching almost all of his fish on the pellet waggler fished up to an island.

One last thing. A good tip when fishing in rain and mud, is to wear waterproof foot wear not slippers, as Reg ’The Edge’ Pearce will testify.

The eventual winner Pip, snuggled under a comfortable brolly waiting for the all-in.

Winners on the day

1 st P.Knight 194lb 7oz

2 nd M. Smithers 167lb 5oz

3 rd T. Macdonald (Guest) 156lb 4oz

4 th A Stevenson 129lb 12oz

Full match results

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