Don’t let 4 inches of mud put you off Darren!

Orchard Lake 5 on Sunday Feb 18th.

On Sunday 18th Feb the club fished the second match of the year at the relocated venue of Orchard Lake 5. The original plan to fish Lake 10 was shelved after the poor condition of the bank and the proliferation of 2 inch fry at the lake.

Overnight rain and a weather warning on Saturday evening did not help the already muddy condition of the pegs on this venue. But an unusually warm streak pointed to the possibility of good fishing.

The day started with unpacking the gear in drizzle but warm conditions, and the 12 MPH breeze very manageable with the shelter offered by the trees. A very promising 14 degree air temp forecast meant expectation of a good day were high!

I write this report from the unenviable and almost embarrassing position of coming last in the match despite weighing in on final whistle over 57lb of Carp and F1’s!  Even my nearest rival managed 20lb more than me on the day!

Winner on peg 5 on the right side of the lake, with a super weight for a winter session was Darren with 171lb 1oz. Starting on method to the island, Darren soon switched to pole  in a small bay tight to his right bank, and fishing maggot over micros, he caught consistently over 70 Carp and  big F1’s.

Lofty, on the first peg to the right of the car park, had hopes of retaining his fiver from Darren dashed. Despite catching well all day,mainly shallow on a short pole to his right using maggot. At the all out his 3 nets scaled 104lb 1oz for 2nd.

On peg 8, the first swim on the left side nearest the car park, Martin battled against a small stream flowing out of the lake down in to the ditch. And fishing pole with mainly meat on the bottom in the middle scaled a very credible 100lb 1oz for 3rd.

This lake would really benefit from a little work done to the access round the lake, and wooden or built up peg platforms. It often fishes well throughout the winter, but the thick mud makes for a lot of cleaning up after the match.

Danny was 4th on peg 3 with close to 95lb caught tight to the rushes on his left.

Our next match will be on Guinea at Newdigate on Sunday March 3.

Report by Andy S.

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